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Run 1 Mile, Pledge $3

 The Runner With the Highest Mileage Earns a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Bronx Bars has partnered with the Social Impact Investing Club (SIIC) at Riverdale Country School in Bronx, NY.

The Riverdale SIIC raises money and then invests in local Bronx businesses that are positively impacting their community. 100% of the money raised in this fundraiser will be invested into Bronx businesses chosen by the club. If you'd like to learn more about the Social Impact Investing Club, email

Nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise. Both eating healthy and staying active are crucial to personal health. By promoting both, we are improving COVID outcomes and cutting back on annual healthcare expenditures in the United States.


This fundraiser is a fun and easy way to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money for the South Bronx, the poorest congressional district in America. Every mile you run has a direct impact on hard-working, local businesses serving their Bronx community.

Riverdale Social Impact Investing Club Logo
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Social Impact Investing Club Fitness Fundraiser

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Competition starting soon

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Join now to get in shape and support Bronx businesses simultaneously!

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