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Cooking Tutorial For LIFT Families

To show first-hand how simple, healthy ingredients—when combined in just the right way—can taste better than processed and packaged foods, I created a Bronx Energy Bars cooking tutorial for LIFT families.


I measured and packaged all of the necessary ingredients and created this accompanying video to allow families to follow along step-by-step.

NYC Bodega Guide Playlist

In this playlist of videos, I go into New York City bodegas, pick out food items, and explain my thought process. The goal is to show families working with LIFT how to make healthy choices with limited options, how to avoid deceptively marketed products, and how to spend as little as possible.

Nutrition E-Book

In-Person Events @ LIFT/Riverdale

Due to the pandemic, scheduling in-person events with LIFT families has been challenging. However, I'm planning a number of events for 2022.


LIFT will be moving headquarters this November. I've been in talks with the Program Director at LIFT regarding in-person cooking lessons at their new kitchen. I've also spoken with the head of athletics at my high school, Riverdale Country Day School, about bringing LIFT families to campus for a health day. Stay tuned!

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